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STATEMENT: The Squadron Withdrawing From Active Support

The Squadron FSC Inc advise, effective immediately we are ceasing involvement with active support. The FFA’s mandated restrictions & conditions applied to all active groups in the A-League have had a devastating impact on the levels of active support growth at Jets fixtures.

These restrictions included:
• Zero free movement allowed into and out of active support areas
• Dedicated active support area with defined entry/exit points that were manned at all times by security personnel
• Excessive police & security scrutiny & strategies on the active support area over many seasons. We always aimed to work co-operatively & proactively, the response was consistently adversarial and aggressive
• Restricting of active support single game ticket online sales to individual adult tickets only and requirements of capturing private information, making online or ticket window purchases slow and complicated 

We have persevered to make things work within the rules for years, moved locations twice to try to rebuild numbers and have worked with the club on different initiatives. It is clear that the FFA restrictions are insurmountable in keeping officially sanctioned active support alive in Newcastle.

The growth of the NCL group since January in Bay 1 (a General Admission area with no entry restrictions) we believe showed that if the restrictions could be lifted on the Southern Hill, then active support might be able to recover. We were informed that being the “official active support group” meant we had to abide by the FFA mandated conditions or lose status and active support privileges. It’s hoped that by standing aside as an official active support group, an organic growth of unaffiliated groups such as the NCL can continue so that matchday atmosphere is what we had always envisaged – loud and parochial.

As a consequence of ending our involvement in active support, The Squadron will refocus its efforts as a supporters club. This means we will still aim be involved in non-matchday activities:

  • Selling Merchandise to fund…
  • Interstate away tours & organising away game pubs
  • NSW Away Coaches
  • Newyhelps charity drive
  • Promotion of Premier Hotel for prematch and away games
  • Financially supporting newcastlefootball.net supporters forum & website and The Jetstream (podcast, TV and fanzine)
  • Tifo displays at selected games (subject to club agreement)
  • Lobbying the club on behalf of supporters via the Members Advisory Group (subject to club agreement)
  • Lobbying other stakeholders on behalf of supporters via social media & direct communication
  • Communicating relevant information to supporters and public via website and social media channels.
  • Supporting the efforts of other Jets fans to build a strong and vibrant supporter culture in Newcastle.

In the off season, The Squadron will hold an AGM to elect the committee and plan for next seasons non-matchday activities. If you’d like to be involved or have your opinions heard please come along.

We were able to accomplish a great deal in 12 seasons:

  • Two of the biggest tifos in the A-League to date – the Big Gold Banner for the 2008 Grand Final & NEWCASTLE drop down tifo in 2011
  • A fleet of buses in 2008 organised in a few days for supporters to travel to Allianz Stadium for the Grand Final
  • At one stage we were the third largest supporter group in the League
  • Raised $3500 in our first ever Newyhelps charity fundraising drive in 2015, raising money for families staying at Ronald McDonald House to attend Jets games and Sam’s Fund for SUDEP in memory of Squadron member Sam Taylor
  • Successfully lobbying the club and stadium to allow 1.5mx1m banners & flags into the stadium without having to be part of active support
  • Multiple interstate away trips
  • Liaising with away stadiums on behalf of supporters to ensure entry for banners & equipment
  • Countless small, medium and large flags, fence banners and tifo displays over 12 seasons

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who ever joined in The Squadron, helped out making and deploying tifo, came up with a chant, jumped on the mega, helped out with drumming, waved a flag, served on the committee or simply joined in the chants and songs. Sincerely, thank you. We also thank all those at the club who helped us over the years.

From the glory days in the first four seasons to the rebuilding attempts in the later seasons – it was a hell of a ride.

Never Tear Us Apart

BLOG: Capo’s Call

A revolution has begun. The tide has changed. The culture of the players, the fans, and of our club has shifted. The city finally has a team that will give their all to play for the shirt. Newcastle’s football club is becoming the pride of this city, and while transformations take place on the pitch it is also the Squadron’s time to shine.

To the Squadron faithful, you know what I expect. You know what this revolution means. You know how much we have given to this point. This coming Saturday we welcome the Wanderer’s into our backyard, our home. We know how highly they think of themselves, and how little they think of us.

All I ask from you is to show them exactly what the Squadron is about. Sing loud, sing proud. Encourage others to do the same. WE create the atmosphere at OUR home. This is our week to step up. This is our time. We can trust the players to give their all on the pitch, we must give our all off it.

To our wider supporter base, join us! The Squadron can not achieve all our goals without your support. Help us to make our home a fortress!

Those fans that wish to, can join us in Bay60. Ticket conversion is FREE for existing Members from where ever you normally sit and can be done at the Member Services window on the left side of the western stand gates. Non-members can pre-purchase their tickets via Ticketmasters website, or via the Bay 60 Ticket Sales window on the right side of the western stand gates.

Numbers in Bay 60 will always create a better atmosphere and we welcome anyone willing to join. A few rules apply:

  • Your view may be obstructed, it is part of the fun
  • Singing is a must, the louder the better
  • Listen to the Capo

For those of you who would prefer to remain in your own seat, I have a secret for you. You can be part of the Squadron from where you sit. Bay60 is the 1%, you are the other ninety nine. What you do from where you sit is what will make the difference on match day. Join us from your bay, and encourage those around you to do the same!

Our club has given us something to sing for, something to be passionate about. It is our turn to return the favour, it is our turn to show exactly how much this Club means to us. The next two weeks will have significant consequences to the history of our club. Both on field and off it we have suffered in recent years, now is the time to relive our former glory and show the country what Newcastle is all about. This city deserves a successful football team, and with it passionate supporters. Let us all do our part to achieve this.


The Jetstream Extra – POSTMATCH Melbourne City FC 2 – Newcastle United Jets 3


Welcome to the postmatch edition of our podcast – The Jetstream Extra.  In this Season 11 Round 4 edition, we have audio of the post-match press conference with Scott Miller and David Carney after the Jets come-from-behind 3-2 victory away from home against Melbourne City. Body then interviews Jets supporters Pete and Sammy at the supporters away venue – the Sydney Junction Hotel in Hamilton.

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