Welcome to the foz - all users are welcome. We are pretty easy going - but there are obviously guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

1. Be respectful of your fellow football fans. Repeated knobheadedness will result in being banned.

2. Don't be a racist, bigot or homophobe. You will be banned.

3. Spammers, you will be banned. If you register a new username & spam - your IP will then be banned.

4. If you intend to advertise - its manners to ask permission first. Send an email to If you don't - please refer to point 3.

5. Our local football forums are a thriving community of NNSWFF participants but there have been issues in the past. Please don't pass rumours off as fact, naming individuals especially in a negative light and abuse of fellow users. If this occurs, the local football subforum may have it's access restricted or locked altogether.

6. Opposition supporters are welcome and encouraged to participate. Trolling will result in being banned. Being a Coastie troll will get you banned quicker.

7. If you post a poll, slobs must be one of the options or the poll is invalid.

8. Listen to the admins & mods. Picking fights with them is unwise (but laughably people still try).

Finally, the goal in the 2008 A-League Grand Final was scored by Joel Griffiths. Not, as some misguided individuals will have you believe, some weak-ankled little ingrate who jumped ship to Sydney FC after months of phoning in appearances in a Jets shirt. Any suggestions to the contrary will be met with scorn and derision.

If you have any issues, suggestions or feedback please use Contact Us link below