Just looking into picking up some tickets today for games going to have noticed that the scheduled Roar away game in December has now been moved from midweek in December right through to the end of season and after what was to be the scheduled last round.

Appears on the Jets Roar and HAL pages

As a result of this change it will see a few teams have back to back home games in the last 2 weeks and others have back to back away games to finish the season. Rather handy for sides fighting to lock in finals spots getting what could be advantages

On another note as I have already booked flights up in December from Newy to Brisbane I assume the FFA will be contacting Jetstar on my behalf and organising me a replacement flight at no additional cost to myself???

I should be right to change the hotel booking date to an alternate date no problem

If the FFA can't be arsed sorting out my booking I struggle to see why I should have to now lose money by cancelling/rebooking my flights booked for this game and being subject to Jetstars ****ing fees cause of their ****ing incompetent decisions. Lets remember the fixtures have currently been out for 3-4 months now so have had plenty of time to nip in the bud issues

I would also like to point out what piss poor form it is to change the fixtures without a ****ing announcement that it has been done and to leave it hidden in the fixture list so ****s find out at a much later date