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Thread: It would Appear the FFA have Shafted Fans AGAIN

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    Quote Originally Posted by lquiquer View Post
    Melbourne city - Jets now on Saturday 14th march (Originally Sunday) and Jets - Adelaide now on Friday 19th December (Originally Saturday). Thanks To WSW going on an Africa holiday and Allianz not available to Smurfs 14th March. Glad I didn't book flight for Melbourne on 15/3.
    ****ing cocksuckers

    Another to change!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by plague View Post

    Double-eff-aye should introduce a 3rd division and dump these ice addict welfare living scumbags straight there. dont even let them get their stink anywhere near 2nd division.

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    Got my work christmas party on the 19th

    I will not be missing the free beers
    Quote Originally Posted by militiamon View Post
    Body gets Stretch drunk, miracle occurs.

    Hail Body!

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    This means Adelaide have a 3 day turn around after the FFA cup final. As if we would take advantage of this anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by the_butcher View Post
    I support the NCIP

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