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Thread: This weather

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    someone go to Bar Beach and see if it melted the sand into glass

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    Quote Originally Posted by pv4 View Post

    Am hoping this link gives justice to the creator
    this guy?

    Quote Originally Posted by MFKS View Post
    And I don't argue with FR. The bloke is a legend and deserves great praise for his contributions to football in the Hunter.
    He is also the second best poster on the entire Foz behind you
    Quote Originally Posted by parksey View Post
    sometimes there's more to life than just winning
    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverRed View Post
    What a deadset ****ing coward **** you are
    Quote Originally Posted by MFKS View Post
    Seems like I am WRONG

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    Worldwide culinary phenomenon
    This is fuçking depressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Couscous View Post
    This is fuçking depressing.
    It ****ing great

    We are 1/3 of the way through summer and with no rain I have only had to mow the lawn once

    Praise to the Climate Change God's
    Quote Originally Posted by plague View Post

    Double-eff-aye should introduce a 3rd division and dump these ice addict welfare living scumbags straight there. dont even let them get their stink anywhere near 2nd division.

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    Too hot already and climate change hasnt even cut in for this summer yet.

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    Wait, I know this one
    What a hail storm!
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimario View Post
    Great. He's gone from Liaoning Whowin to Newcastle Wholose.
    The Championship Chronicles - The Jetstream's review of the 2007/08 season.

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