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Thread: Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's Season Six

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    Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's Season Six

    Hi All,

    Registrations are now open for Season Six of Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's! We're very keen to welcome back former and new players for another summer of football at The Gardens. If you haven't seen through the competition Facebook page (, the details for this year's competition are as follows:

    Kick-Off: September 29th, 2015.
    Registration Fees: $60 for Registered Players and $90 for Unregistered Players (those who haven't played this year). For Juniors, these fees are $30 for Registered Players, and $40 for Unregistered Players.
    Match Fees: $60 per Senior team, per match. $40 per Junior team, per match.
    Prize-Money: $750 for Winners, and $250 for Runners-Up. Trophies and medallions for Juniors.
    Divisions Available: All-Age Men, All-Age Women, Mixed, Junior 10/11's, 12/13's, 14/15's.
    Nights Available: Tuesday and Thursday, from 5.25pm to 8.55pm (Seniors), from 4.30pm to 5.00pm (Juniors).

    Thanks to our loyal support over the last few seasons, Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's has become the biggest competition in the Newcastle region. We appreciate the support we've received and hope to provide another great summer of football for our participants. As a token of this appreciation, we offer the following discounts to our teams to make our competition more affordable. They are:

    Earlybird Discount: For those teams that like to be organised early, we offer the earlybird discount which grants any team their first game for free ($60) if they register a team, register on MyFootballClub and pay their team fees before August 31st, 2015.
    Loyalty Discount: For teams that are returning to our competition this season, we offer them the first game for half-price, simply for registering with us again.

    If you are looking to return, or sign-up for the first time, our registration process is as follows:

    1/ Download, complete and return a registration form to - you can download this form from here:

    2/ This form reserves your team a place in the competition. After receiving your form, more information will be provided on how to complete your registration via MyFootballClub, and also how to pay your team fees.

    3/ After completing your MyFootballClub registration, and paying your fees, you are officially entered into Season Six of Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's. If you have completed this process before August 31st, you are in line to receive an early-bird discount, which grants your team their first game for free ($60).

    If you would like to discuss the competition or are in need of more information, please feel free to contact Antho Koch at the following.

    M: 0408501***.

    I look forward to hearing from some of you. Also, good luck with the run-home in your regular season and any finals series that your team may be involved in.


    Antho Koch.
    Wallsend F.C. Summer 6's.

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    What are the fees for this year’s comp please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Carl View Post
    What are the fees for this year’s comp please?
    $80 a head

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    It is one of the best, if not THE best Summer 6’s comps out there. Well done on your organisation and running of it.

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    Yes we are very proud of what we have achieved at Wallsend FC. The Summer 6's is a chance to socialise and embrace the culture that we at Wallsend so proudly epitomise.

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