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Thread: De Bohun out

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    De Bohun out

    useless idiot, in way over his head - has to go

    no other A-League head has been this incompetent (and that's coming from a long list of completely useless ****s)

    no other head of the A-League caused a fan boycott

    bloke should resign and apologise to everyone involved in the game individually

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    Been a while since an "Out" thread. I'm in.
    Middleby Gone

    Lawrie Out

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    Mates with Malcolm Conn. Should have been enough to see him go long time back. Bloke is a blatant liar too.
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    Go jetties

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    I'm not finished with Miller and Middleby yet but if I get a spare moment I'll come help.

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    clearly a military man.

    hates insubordination
    loves uniforms that blend into the surrounds
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmac79 View Post
    I tend to agree with Gav.

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