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Thread: Round 12 v WSW

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    48 mins of life lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter403 View Post
    Just watched the first half. Dreadful. Not only can't we play, we can't even get a referee to give us a clear penalty.

    And yet again, we concede right on half time. As a habit, its worse than heroin.

    Trifunovic is slow and lazy. Send him packing.

    Cowburn and Watson were sub A league standard by a country mile.

    Now, can I put myself through the second half....
    Mr Positive said in the post match presser something about Cowburn going off with concussion?
    Didn't watch match so can't comment on any contact tackles the bloke might have made and at what stage of the game.

    lol'd at the patronising hand Lucy put on the losing coach at the end...poor you etc. 3'45"
    (expires 27/12/15)
    She even had to swap the mic into left hand to do it.

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    Wait, I know this one
    Cowburn had a clash of heads with Neville
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimario View Post
    Great. He's gone from Liaoning Whowin to Newcastle Wholose.
    The Championship Chronicles - The Jetstream's review of the 2007/08 season.

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