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Thread: The Politics/Religion/Conspiracies Deathmatch Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dunster View Post
    Afghanistan have the lowest Carbon emissions per capita in the world. Are you sure that's what you want ?

    or would you perhaps settle for a 15th of our current emissions per capita and be like Zimbabwe ?

    EDIT: I should note that if you measure Carbon emissions asion of GDP Afghanistan and Zimbabwe fails miserably in comparison to developed nations.
    And data manipulation can be used to create any outrage.

    If low economic, low carbon emitters had the chance to develop industry they also smash out tons more Co2.

    It still comes down to pure volume of output. Cut it back each year and Develop Green tech which is the main issue.

    Massive opportunity to become a world leader if we can design a product that works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dunster View Post
    Plague hasn't posted here in over a month. I'm starting to get concerned. I hope he's ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pv4 View Post
    Nah **** the gypo.

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