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Thread: Socceroos Friendlies

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    VAR changed the way a game is officiated.
    I was half watching while doing something, and very early on I swear the commentary made a comment after we scored “this one will be rubbed out for offside by the look of that” and they seemed shocked it was given. Maybe the VAR situation wasn’t communicated well?
    Seems a bit silly we can VAR a league games, but not a friendly. Anyway.
    I wonder if the assistant would have previously called the offside. Maybe their mindset has changed now.

    I’d argue football fans/players are the worst at accepting decisions across all sports.
    It often baffles me how polite/subdued NRL players are with referee bad calls. It’s the captain that speaks to the referee. I’ve rarely seen a team surround the referee to argue and complain about a decision. For all the IQ points, they at least show some respect.

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    Weigh up the pros and cons. VAR negatives:

    * Has not reduced matchday controversy - in fact it has amplified it.
    * Originally meant to correct obvious errors, it is now used to re-referee incidents and "find" fouls.
    * Is no less subjective than the on field referee.
    * Has activated an ongoing change in rules to suit, to the point where handball is a joke nobody really understands.
    * Responsible for an increase in penalties and red cards - i.e. more stoppages.
    * Is not used at all to reduce simulation.
    * Has made all officials "lazy".
    * Eliminated "margin of error" and "advantage to attacking side" calls in pursuit of perfection, especially with offside.
    * Has killed off a majority of emotion from goals - you can never be certain until the kickoff.
    * Has increased the level of boring punditry and analysis, to the point where a referee is on the panel.
    * The rule where a yellow card is to be issued to any player intimidating the referee to use VAR is totally ignored.
    * Is not meant to be used for yellow cards but I have no doubt it is used to communicate on the sly.
    * Whenever you watch a game without it, it doesn't take long for someone to say "if VAR was operating today".
    * Can be linked to the rise in online betting - "getting the decision right".
    * Ignorant fanbases (I'm looking at Mariners, Phoenix and Perth) chant for VAR referrals.

    Positives....well you tell me
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    Game confirmed against Argentina. To be played in China on 15 June at 10pm our time.

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    Playing Mexico in Dallas on 9 September.

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