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Thread: Martin Lee OUT

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    So we got the Gypo CEO blowing air into the wagon again

    There gonna be some big issues with the HAL in the next couple of years then you throw in the Foxtel situation I don't see things getting any better until the players take a significant pay cut and wages are halved

    Whilst ever this goes on the Chinese Lightsalesman is gonna keep picking up the ever increasing bill on a depreciating value for his business venture

    I don't see him continuing to do this

    When you add in the variables with other owners too this comp looks like it gonna need severe resuscitation if it doesn't die

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFKS View Post
    With the impending downtown in relations between China and the rest of the world
    What do you mean by "impending"? The relations and trade will restart soon, not shut down.

    Also, many of the conspiracies spread with certainty online say this is all a Chinese gambit. So Mr Lee will soon be much more powerful than he was. We're on the right side of this war 👍

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