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Thread: The Official Ernie Merrick Out Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFKS View Post
    Bloke should have been fired the moment we went 3-0 down at home to the Gypos what is a disgrace was the Gypos CEO didn't do it there and then

    The other bloke who needs firing is the Gypo CEO

    Forget Finals Football the bloke has failed in his number 1 KPI

    No Jet Shaped Hats in 3 ****ing years

    Gypo OUT
    All of it.
    Bless you brother.

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    Marco in! Do it, right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charman View Post
    Marco in! Do it, right now!
    Club can't afford to pay out Merrick. He will pick up a gig straight away tho. Probably Sydney if Corica loses to Victory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeterpool View Post
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    at this rate the scum will have a better squad than us next season, we are nailed on for a spoon, who'd want to coach that??? (OK, Mulvey is available, you're right...)
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    With Clayton Zane leaving, I think that Reuben Zadkovich will be announced as new assistant coach.

    Broadmeadow magic have said that he will leaves once the season is over.

    Clayton will also be in the role until round 2, so the timelines sort of match up

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