Backtracking a tiny bit..

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Speaking of subjective, I do wonder how much people think we pay Ibini to see him as great value.
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I agree.

He was on $434k / $US304k per season in 2018 @ Vancouver. For that he played 25 games and scored one goal.
He was grossly overpaid and given the situation that eventuated at Vancouver it's no wonder questions were being asked of Robinson and his player manager mate.
If the Jets are paying him even half that they need to offload him sooner rather than later.
Dunst - looks like we have had a form of closure on our concerns. I think Stanny was pretty keen on knowing this too.

If you choose to believe Lawrie's direct words, as seen in the last two minutes of the below video, Bernie is our highest paid player.

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Good presentation by Lawrie and the last two minutes are the best overview of the Ibini situation you will hear.

"I can't wait till he's away from this club"