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Thread: New #9 striker guy OUT

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    New #9 striker guy OUT

    cant be assed learning his name or watching him, but the fact he seems to have turned up early doors and played to an above average level is unacceptable and not worthy of the shitty standards we have set ourselves as a club.

    Bring back Jardel, get Jackson back up top.

    You and your 'quality' and 'skill' can **** off home mate.

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    And I don't argue with FR. The bloke is a legend and deserves great praise for his contributions to football in the Hunter.
    He is also the second best poster on the entire Foz behind you
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    sometimes there's more to life than just winning
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    What a deadset ****ing coward **** you are
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    Seems like I am WRONG

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    Bloke looked like he was carrying a dodgy ankle towards the end. Look forward to the club announcing no injury replacement. Gone for 6 months .

    Nothing to discuss really

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    All I can remember is that first touch. Open goal. Passes it back to Victories keeper. Sign him on an extension, better yet, lifetime contract.

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    Bloke covered himself in glory last night

    In injury time of the 90 he bearing down on goal with the chance to win the game and become a cult hero and he chose to pass it to Hoff of all people and the chance was butchered

    A couple of weeks of that and he be wanting the duck out ASAP
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    Double-eff-aye should introduce a 3rd division and dump these ice addict welfare living scumbags straight there. dont even let them get their stink anywhere near 2nd division.

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