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Thread: Gender reveals - aka Assholes clubhouse

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    joint accounts are the norm

    users of this forum aren't

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    WTF. Why would I keep money from my wife? Why would she keep money from me? Do you guys know what marriage is?

    Is the separate accounts thing to evade tax or something? I can't fathom a single reason, unless one account is a trust/investment.

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    Not married.. yet.... but yeah in switzerland its def a tax thing, not to pool all resources together...
    Goes along with our pension system and social insurance system etc etc too.
    Amigos Aarau

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeterpool View Post
    I do it just for you. My goal in life is to have a quote in someone's signature.

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    This Thread. lol

    Everyone should read it on signup. This and the MFKS world cup thread. Still apt!

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