this from David Eland today at 12:29 to clubs

Dear Member Clubs,

I write following yesterday’s announcement surrounding junior sport being able to commence from 1 July to address misinformation which is causing concern to some volunteers.

I can confirm following receipt of correspondence from the NSW Office of Sport this morning, that in a scenario where football matches are being played on a public oval, it is not expected that a club would be able to have any control over the 'non-football' public.

Any suggestion that clubs are required to appoint additional volunteers to patrol the boundaries of a public facility is incorrect. Furthermore, any suggestion that the Police will arbitrarily shut down venues and fine clubs for breaches of the Public Health Order which are out of their control is misleading.

Clubs and competition administrators are expected to take reasonable steps to schedule matches, space out arrival/departure times, promote physical distancing in queues for canteens and bathrooms used by the club, and limit non-essential match day volunteers and support staff to try and limit attendance numbers in accordance with the Public Health Order which currently permits a maximum of 500 people at an outdoor venue.

As the new Public Health Order has not yet been drafted, we're unable to confirm whether the 500 outdoor venue rule will change before 1 July when matches may commence.

Football is going to be different this year and we do not underestimate the impact on our volunteers, so it is important that we clarify misinformation that creates confusion and unnecessary concern.

With the announcement having only taken place yesterday, many venue owners/operators would still be in the process of preparing operational and venue use conditions in the lead up to 1 July. We will continue to work with government agencies including the Office of Local Government to provide support and information as it becomes available.

NNSWF has submitted Return to Play Guidelines to the State Government, which are largely reflective of the guidelines underpinning training. Clubs can be assured that these guidelines will be disseminated and complemented by a series of Zoom webinars as soon as they are approved.

Thank you for your enduring commitment during these challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Zone if you have any questions or require clarification or touch base directly with the team at Northern NSW Football here. .

Yours in Football
David Eland
CEO Northern NSW Football
happy for everyone to discuss the return to football in your respective competition threads or centralised here

but let's try to keep the speculation and heresay to a minimum