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Thread: NNSWF Announcements on COVID

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    all zone clubs have this

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    message to the zone clubs from Russell Henry that the ZFL fixtures will be out later tomorrow or Friday

    draft fixtures are with clubs now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Dawson View Post
    Clubs are the “licensed” participant in the state governments Active Kids Voucher (AKV), however NNSW have invoiced all clubs for their “share” of the vouchers.
    30% stays with club
    22.8% to NNSW
    22.8% to Newc Football
    15% to FFA
    10% to NNSW for insurance
    The AKVs are to help families and help community clubs (I.e. the licensed participant).

    NNSW is more like a “business” than a community group - they can reduce labour costs where clubs cannot. Many staff out there doing goodness knows what - that provides little for community clubs (e.g. Fast Fives, First Touch, TSP admin etc)

    Do you think it’s fair that NNSW, NF and FFA are taking a piece of this? When clubs are struggling to make ends meet this year?

    Is it even legal?
    I don't understand how clubs are crying poor at this stage, if there's no players, there's no ground fees to pay to Council.
    No overheads unless they've already paid for uniforms, or equipment - this is where that $30 from the AKV is remaining with the clubs.

    Everyone above (ie. Zone, Fed) has taken a cut from the fees that they normally charge for a registration (except FFA).

    Are clubs really scraping by each year, don't have sponsors involved with their club, and are relying on player's registration fees each year to keep them afloat?

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