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NLFC Under 10 Navy v Toronto Awaba

I assumed the smaller field was just for U09s and they hadn't changed it, is that not the case? TBH it didn't make that much difference, there was still enough space when required. I'll be in a better position to judge it if/when we come up against a stronger opposition.
Completely agree, in regards to field size, i wasn't able to give a true indication how it will impact but it is for U9 and U10s due to the opposition, they have made the field significantly smaller though.

as for grading, this has not been handled well at all by the association, clearly with the significant score lines (yes results don't matter but kids know if they are getting flogged each week and chasing shadows)

interesting to know if other clubs (that have two teams) are running with a A and B side or two even teams?