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Thread: L-I-V-E-R-P-Double O-L Liverpool FC

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    Quote Originally Posted by StannyCFCJET View Post
    Mount is going to the very top, VAR still sucks and Surely Klopp's job is very much under threat
    Lmao. As if they are going to sack Klopp right now? I love some good ribbing after a loss, but this is just nonsensical...

    And that's coming from me.

    Liverpool are still close to UCL with 1/2 their first team squad available. If they end up getting any of their first choice CBs back soon they are guaranteed to jump back into the top 4. Chelsea need to make sure they are ahead of a few teams when that inevitably happens otherwise Tuchel is going to be hamstrung with lowly Europa League ties when he tries to convince the next £200 million worth of flops to come over from Germany.

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    So does Klopp stay on as an assistant to Gerrard or does Stevie bring his own staff in someone tell me how this works?

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    Klopp isnt going anywhere lol
    Starting to get a few players back from injury, once we can start playing first choice players in their preferred positions rather than covering at CB then things will be a lot rosier. It is what it is.
    We've waited 30 years for a bloody title, I can handle finishing outside of the race this season considering everything thats gone on. I think most sensible supporters understand things haven't gone our way, the exact same thing happened to City last season when they lost most of their decent defenders, they were a long way off.
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    Klopp has earned his contract extension and the right to go out on his terms. Imo, he’s the type of manage that if he felt he lost the dressing room or felt burnt out like some media suggests, he’d walk away.
    He took a few months away from the game when his stocks were at their highest to rejuvenate himself.
    In terms of results, I dare say he would’ve been in discussions to bring in some coverage at the back and supplement the squad. Due to the global situation, I think they all agreed it wouldn’t be worth it financially atm as players are definitely over priced given the financial situation of most clubs.

    I think what happens in the next 12 months will determine his future. If we get VVD and Gomez back, we get Henderson and Fabinho back to midfield.
    Jota is back. I think we need another creative player. Somebody that can just conjure up something when we need it.
    Like Salah last season, coutinho, Suarez. They just make something from nothing.

    Our front three have been disappointing relative to previous years and perhaps it’s time to start thinking of a plan b.
    Our lack of a plan b, is what concerns me most sometimes. Teams have us figured out. We are going to play 4-3-3. If they sit back and absorb, we probably won’t score atm, then they counter or get a set piece.
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    Thank **** for Jota, eh?
    At least one of them knows where the onion bag is with some consistency.

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    Could’ve done with those 3 points.
    For what it’s worth.

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