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Thread: L-I-V-E-R-P-Double O-L Liverpool FC

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    Hello Kopites.
    Time to Meme out season 2021/22.
    This is the last 'When I'm Liverpool' from MSZ/MS2.
    It's a long one and a lot of effort has gone into this.

    Nice odes and nods to Big Div throughout.

    Only 2 x Kolo Toure's to find.

    Klyden, after inhaling the smoke from a cigarette:- (S02E11)
    "I feel as if I have been standing my entire life, and I just sat down."
    The Orville - returning to SBS. June 3rd, 2022

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    Poor start.
    Fulham did their homework, came at us from the beginning and really put us under pressure.
    Thought TAA, VVD, Robertson, Thiago and Firmino all had their worst game for a long time on the same night.

    Persistence with the long diagonal ball was not working. I’d love to see the success rate from that particular tactic. Was short and cut off more often than not.
    Probably lucky to escape with a draw.

    Nunez. I know he got his goal, but similar to Odergaard yesterday, you get the Ball on the edge of 6yd, with time to shoot, you pull the trigger, you don’t try sneaky pass to the back stick guy. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the “different” option he gives up front. He comes across almost as a bit of a target man. But I know he was kind of anything but last season. Interested to see how that develops.

    Salah coming on at half time was a nice spark………yes, I know.

    Thought Diaz was very unlucky. Bloke is so sharp and can create space for a shot very quickly. He’s gonna score a bundle this season.

    VVD. Didn’t think he did as badly as everyone is making out. Not his usual standard but still pretty solid. He took a little nibble and Mitrovic reeled him and the ref in. I thought there was maybe one replay that looked like VVD may have caught his foot when it landed after the nibble. Apart from that, didn’t think the other angles showed any contact. I’m yet to do some googling for the inevitable replays but I don’t think VAR had conclusive evidence to award a penalty if it wasn’t given. But don’t think there was conclusive evidence it wasn’t a pen, so I can understand.

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