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Thread: A victory supporter flying into newy for the ccm game.

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    A victory supporter flying into newy for the ccm game.

    Hey, could anyone help out, Was is the cheapest way of getting from the newcastle airport to a train station so i get head down to Gosford for the game on sunday? Cheers Sam

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    port stephens coaches
    we will loose

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    Cheapest is most likely a bus to Newcastle Station (Port Stephens coaches from Airport to Station then train to Gosford.

    Alternatively, you could do bus to Stockton Ferry, ferry to Newcastle, walk to station (about 500-600m). Probably not a huge difference in cost but likely saves 20+ minutes if arrivals and departures line up.

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    You could show your passion for your club and march from the airport??? Take a couple of flares with ya aswell. (incase you get lost)

    Sounds like you've never been to Gypo land before (correct if wrong). Make sure your upto date with your vacinations for EVERYTHNG BAD. Never know what you will catch. Also grab some cans of tuna before you enter Gypo territory, if they come within a 15m radius, crack a tin open slightly and throw it far away. They'll be occupied with the scent and trying to figure out how to open the can to be fussed with you.

    Stuff this i'm sick and i'm going to bed. Take the bus.

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    If you haven't booked your flight yet it would probably be easier flying to Sydney and from there Airport train to Central and then from central to Gosford(train leaves every half hour).

    If you are coming to Newy then follow Grimarios instructions
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    Wait, I know this one
    Agree with the member. Come into Sydney and train it rather than come to Newcastle

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