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Thread: Newcastle Football History - Rangers, KB, Rosebud, Breakers, United, Jets etc.

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    Hi Todd
    Where did you source the away programs from?

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    Not strictly Newy related...except for a few players.
    (Lockdown boredom abounds...)

    Blacktown vs Syd All-dem-pricks program

    No 9 Did he have pubes back then?
    No 11 Paul Burrows - KB United player it think after this. Todd? *(see notes below)
    No20 What a name.... I remember him playing as 1st pick keeper for them.
    Coach: Rale Rasic - legend.

    No. 1. Turn the W upside down and we're in business.
    No.6 Kat by name, cat by nature (of diving k***t...)
    No.11 - Another Newy boy who played the best years of his time for sh!tney wankers...cause we had no dough.
    No19 Missed a youth cup pen that coulda swayed a bit of Aussie football history lol ** (see notes below)
    No 20 - Thought it was socceroo captain but his wiki says he was still playing for APIA
    Raskopouous (Peter) - see the Kat above...

    Paul Burrows Apia 1982
    In this list on OzFootball, it starts with a...wait for it...Bullpitt!

    Also of note are:- John Buonavoglia & Danny Burt

    For the exceptionally bored:-
    1983 table.
    Check out the for and against of St George (winners) v Newcastle
    Rsason(s)? David Lowe up front and Clint Gosling, Ralph Maier, Peter Burke, Gary Watson, Howard Tredinnick
    Fk Watson and Burke were hard c**ts.

    1981 WOrld YOutrh Cup - australia
    Oz v West Germany in Canberra and a young Les Murray commentation. Full game!
    1:35:50 - soft hit to say the least. Bloke was probably sh!tting bricks.
    Todd - if your looking at this, check out the comments and the email contacts for vids.

    The Final (West Germany v Qatar....ffs) video here.
    Watch the run away from 2:00 in.
    Defender had a go...then has a PROPER go lofl
    Didn't miss the second time

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