2015 @JetstreamNewy Fan Awards Finalists

A few weeks back we announced that voting was open for supporters to recognise the top performers from the season just completed.

Voting has now closed and we are very pleased to announce the following finalists (in no particular order) for each award as voted by supporters.
We will announce the winners in each award category on the upcoming season review episode of The Jetstream Podcast.

2015 Jets Defender of the Season
Ben Kennedy
Lee Ki-Je
Taylor Regan

2015 Jets Midfielder of the Season
David Carney
Mitch Cooper
Zenon Caravella

2015 Jets Forward of the Season
Joel Griffiths
Andrew Hoole
Edson Montano

2015 Jets Staff-member of the Season
Brent Anderson
Mark Jones
Clayton Zane

2015 Jets Player of the Season
Joel Griffiths
Andrew Hoole
Zenon Caravella

Congratulations to all the finalists and huge thanks to all who took the time to vote, especially considering the season we experienced.