The Jetstream Podcast Ep30 – Its a Pubcast!!!

Its a full house as David (@Jeterpool), Michael (@BodyNovo) and Mitch (@jerkpv4) join furns (@newyboys) for an offseason episode of The Jetstream Podcast err Pubcast – we recorded this at the Sydney Junction Hotel in Hamilton!! So we do apologise for rugby league, Ray “Rabbits” Warren and the sound checks in the background. At least you know we were actually all in a pub though……..

Its been an absolute plethora of news since the last podcast just before the end of the season, and we discuss all the major talking points – Tinks and Stubbins are out, FFA and Miller are in, some players have been re-signed and the Jets/FFA are talking engagement and listening to the community.
We review the season on and off the pitch, discuss the ownership changes and then talk about the future under FFA ownership.

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