Gaz’s Gone Drinkin – Match Review – Newcastle United Jets FC 1 vs Perth Glory FC 6

Not much can be said that hasn’t already been screamed at the tv, yelled from your stadium seat or innocently stated by your 6 year old family member….. My 6 year old wished me luck when I left for the drive to Newcastle with the parting words “good luck dad! You know they won’t win, but good luck anyway” and when I got home, I tell no lie, she greeted me the next morning with “what did they lose by?” Sweetly, innocently, supportively, lovingly…. Brutally honestly.

Against Perth, the jets weren’t very good. I said to those around me at the game that it was like watching a 1st v Reserves training match where the reserves have been given strict instructions not to tackle, and when they get the ball to kick it straight out for a throw, or pass it straight back to them.

If Boogaard wants to play again, let alone captain the team, he should spend the time he’s suspended, making 9004 phone calls to everyone at the ground an apologize for his sending off. Expletives don’t exist to adequately convey the stupidity of his actions on getting a second yellow for a challenge on half way in first half injury time…. Oh dear god typing that makes me angry.

Birraz had an off game, but he’s saved our arse that many times he can be afforded a bad game every no and then. Still, he needs to command his area, some see him as Jesus in goals, I agree, he really does not like crosses.

Cam Watson was woeful, hoofing it out or back to them when an easier option, or three, were available and was rightly ripped out of the match despite the team losing a central defender behind him.

Carney should go. If his agent is half the wheeler and dealer he says he is, go play in Qatar, at least there you can blame the heat for only running twice in a match. I dont buy into the “he’s involved in all our goals” some of his supporters spout – he regularly causes the other 10 blokes to to have to re-adjust in defense because he ignores his responsibilities when we don’t have the ball. He’s supposed to be the old head leading be example, well his example of switching off in defence has not helped, because many followed that lead and we shipped 6.

Hoff, was solid, and was one of the few still working at the end.

Triff. Usual performance, needs 10 chances to hit the target once. Needs to hit the target ten times to score once…. We really don’t play well enough in the front third to exploit his strengths. Get him the ball in the 6yrd box and he’s effective, except if you do it in the first 3 minutes.

The rest of the team barely earn a mention.

Bloody hell we were bad.

On the way back to the car, the day got decidedly better in two ways. I say a bloke in a jets shirt wearing an Aston villa hat, and thought “at least I’m not that bloke” and when we got back to the car in Waratah, it was still there!

Adelaide next! We always do well there don’t we…..