FEEDBACK: Away Days Are Boss

We need your feedback!! The Squadron is looking to get things kickstarted early for next season, and one of the areas we need to get sorted asap is regarding interest in away trips. We have set up two polls that we need you to vote in to gauge interest.

Firstly,  it would be great to try to organise an interstate away trip to promote to get as many supporters to travel as possible this season. We have created a poll for people to choose one game that they would be able to attend, and that we can promote the hell out of. For logistical reasons, we have only chosen to highlight saturday games as they will be easier to travel to on saturday morning and come home on the sunday.  Please vote on a game you would actually attend.
Poll is listed here…tate-away-trip

Secondly, for games played in NSW – we need to find out whether people are interested in The Squadron coach service making a return. Games listed will also include the Coffs Harbour fixture against City.
We don’t need to know if you are attending these games, we only need to know if you would definitely travel on a coach if it was organised.
Poll is listed here

Away games are usually attended by the more enthusiastic of Jets supporters and are a great way to meet fellow passionate Novocastrians. So if you have ever wanted to join in on an away trip, then please vote in the polls so we can get the ball rolling on getting them organised.

on behalf of The Squadron FSC Committee