The Jetstream Offseason – Vaughan Coveny Interview

In another offseason episode, David (@JeterPool) conducts a final interview with former @NewcastleJetsFC player Vaughan Coveny (@covs8)

They cover off a wide range of topics while discussing Vaughan’s time at the Jets: joining the Jets on loan and his first season, his debut goal, returning the second season with a vastly different squad, difference in coaching philosophies of the various managers during his time, his struggle for game time against Joel Griffiths and Milton Rodriguez, and then moving on from the Jets to join the new franchise in Wellington.

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2 thoughts on “The Jetstream Offseason – Vaughan Coveny Interview”

  1. Coveney is a fraud and has been found out!
    Receives full time gig for Victory 20s….. 2 months later sacked!!!!

    He’s trying to get a gig at City!! Hopefully they’re smart enough and send him to Wellington. He has destroyed so many kids with his money making academies and false promises.

    See you later Coveney, don’t trip on the way out!!

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