The Jetstream Review ACL PQ3 / Preview S14Rd20 – Too Many Hosts Spoil The Pod

Dave (@Jeterpool) by Furns (@SquadronNewy), Mitch (@JerkPV4) and Joel (@joelgoodsir) to discuss the @NewcastleJetsFC 1-4 loss to Kashima @atlrs_english in Japan for the @TheAFCCL. They also preview the upcoming rd20 match against @AdelaideUnited #NEWvADL in @ALeague at @MJStadium. #NTUA #MadeofNewcastle

Well… The jaunt into the ACL ended abruptly and brutally. A 1-4 loss to defending champions the Kashima Antlers saw the campaign end during the qualifiers. The team review the game and the performance put in by the team which saw only our second loss in the last six games. The team then preview the match against Adelaide United, where the Jets need to regain focus and find form to end the season strong. The fight toward finals is still on!

Ohhh yeahhhh….

A sub is a guy who might play a bye
But also thinks he’s greater 
Always warming up on the sides
But mainly just sits his ass
So (no)

We won’t flash your number (no)
I don’t want you on the halfway line (no)
I don’t want you in the goal square (no)
I don’t want you gettin’ no time and (no)

I don’t want no sub
A sub is a guy that can’t get no time from me
Hangin’ out with me on the side
Warmin’ the bench with his behind
Crowd tryin’ to holla at me
But I don’t want no sub (no)
A sub is a guy that can’t get no time from me
Hangin’ out with me on the side
Warmin’ the bench with his behind
Crowd tryin’ to holla at me

There’s a sub sittin’ with me
But his game is kinda weak
And I know that he cannot approach Joey
Cause JOWIC’s lookin’ like class and sub’s lookin’ like trash
Can’t score sittin’ on yo’ ass
So (no)

Our continued thanks to @FoxFootball for permission to use the match highlights and post match press conference audio for our podcast review episodes

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