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Around The Grounds S13Rd1 – Mariners, Wanderers & Victory

Furns (@SquadronNewy) Dave (@JeterPool) Bodes (@BodyNovo) & Joel (@JoelGoodsir) preview fortunes for the @CCMariners & #F3Derby @WSWanderersFC @gomvfc @ALeague seasons. Features interviews with @Erin_Mariner from @CFootballRamble @ATBWSW & Jason from @ForVucksSake

Welcome to our new show called Around The Grounds where we cover off all the non-Jets related content. In this debut episode the team chat about the @CCMariners side of the #F3Derby equation as well as @WSWanderersFC & @GoMVFC chat and they predict the scores for all the Rd1 games in the @ALeague. Interviews with @Erin_Mariner from @CFootballRamble, the team from @ATBWSW and Jason from @ForVucksSake are also featured. Going forward Around The Grounds should be released on a Wednesday and will deal with two teams. 

Thank you to those who have left comments and messages of anticipation for the release of The Championship Chronicles series in November. If you haven’t already, please check out the teaser episodes that have been released. Links to access prior episodes and subscription options are listed below.

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The Jetstream Extra – State Of The Game

Furns (@SquadronNewy) Anthony (@_ascarcella) and Mitch (@JerkPV4) engage in some general football chat to tide you over with the @NewcastleJetsFC having the weekend off

After the opening question, the guys chat issues with the game currently in Australia and Newcastle. They discuss issues with FFA governance as well as the general structure of Australian football administration, issues with expansion including when and where it should and shouldn’t happen. Mitch then chats about attending one of the games in the opening round of the NNSWFF NPL competition. The guys then wrap up by discussing the run home in the A-League competition and where the various teams will finish, and if the Jets can make the Top 6.

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