Hopefully this is in the right place and the mods don't mind it being here.

This is a plea to the people (I am hoping they read this or someone who knows them reads it) who keep putting the goals on Lance Yorke Field at Garden Suburb in place.

Our goal mouth was destroyed over the offseason by people taking the goals from where they are stored, installing them and having a kick around. The goal area never got a chance to recover.

The goals were padlocked to the fence behind the ground, these locks were cut on numerous occasions.

The goals were moved to the carpark and chained up, again the locks were cut and and the goals put in the field. In the end we realised locking the goals was a futile exercise.

Unfortunately the goals are at that point in their life that we cant pull them apart and store them in the club house anymore. Not if we want them to go back together. New goals are coming next season.

The club tried to re-turf these areas, only to have further damage occur three weeks out from the season before the grass had fully taken leading to the sandpit that has been complained about on here. We have had star pickets and bunting removed to allow the goals to go back in.

We are 99% sure that it is not our club members using the ground based on descriptions of people leaving the ground and descriptions of cars. From kit I have seen people wearing, and pictures on social media, I am reasonably sure of the clubs people are coming from, but won't go into that here as I don't think it is the respective clubs issue.

Again today the goals were put back in place by people we believe know are not club members. They were spotted by a parent dropping off a player to training that wasn't comfortable moving them on. We have number plates and will be speaking with Council as to whether anything can be done, however this is really just a request to people to leave the goals where they are.

Not only is the pitch not getting a chance to recover in the goal mouth, Council will not mow the good parts in that area of the pitch if the goals are in place.

Please, if you want to have a kick at our ground, use the top fields. The goal in the south eastern corner isn't used in any matches and has the best grass coverage. We have no issue with any of the goals on the top ground being used by anyone, but stay off the main ground.