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    1. GDay mate,
      Apologies about the delay in getting to this. I have looked into it, and a plugin being used during the registration process was causing the issue.
      I have removed it and it should all be working fine now.

  1. What gives the squadron the right to kick people of of sitting in there allocated seat at Central Coast Stadium because they have decided to make the area active support. At NO time when we we purchased our FAMILY ticket, did it say the area was dedicated for active support.

    1. GDay Dave,
      Apologies if you were inconvenienced, however this is a Ticketek issue we have no control over. They are supposed to have the away supporters bays 31 & 32 clearly marked as at point of sale as active and restricted viewing (as they have done for the last 2 seasons) but for some reason this season they didnt do this.
      For the entire 10 years of the A-League these two end bays @ Gosford have always been active support. The entire area is pretty much treated as General Admission, no one sits in their allocated seats as people are standing up and chanting anyway.
      You should have been directed by security (if you raised it with them) into the bay beside 31 & 32 as thats where non-actives usually sit, specially if they have accidentally purchased active area seats.

  2. So pleased to see the Squadron has taken the stand they have against the FFA and I wondered if we could talk to a representative on our radio show in Perth on Wednesday evening about this decision.



  3. May i ask why the coach is muddled up?. Jets fans would love to see two great football players out on the field, E.H. and M.B TOGETHER !!!!! At least give it a try, Your other combinations are a luckydip Fans want results andat this time all we are getting muddled up football .

    1. send an email to me with your username and I will look into it.
      The website crashed a few months back, so if you hadnt signed in for about four months then your details along with everyone elses was lost and you needed to reregister anyway.

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