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Thread: 19/20 HAL Round 12 | Newcastle Jets v Brisbane Roar | Sat 28/12/19 1930

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dunster View Post
    Kanta has lost a lot of pace and it's not like he was fast in the first place.

    U less it's a short term injury I tbink club may have lost the plot giving him a 2 year deal.
    You need to retract that

    That's an insult

    We don't need to lose the plot to make bad decisions we more than capable of doing it organically
    Quote Originally Posted by plague View Post

    Double-eff-aye should introduce a 3rd division and dump these ice addict welfare living scumbags straight there. dont even let them get their stink anywhere near 2nd division.

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    I think we should all be smoking or ingesting (whatever floats) something organic whilst watching and supporting this great team of ours.....Pass the dutchie to the left hand side

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    For all long suffering Jets supporters. May this help you...

    if not, then this
    "It is not that I am afraid to die; its just that I don't want to be there when it happens" - Woody Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimario View Post
    The club must hate the fans.
    we're just living the dream supporting the team - even if the dream appears to be more like nightmare on elm street ATM (or should that be sesame street with our muppets who wanna sit back for most of the game and chance their luck on the opposition not being able to score...)
    Life isn't the same without Con... but it can only improve without Tinks...

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