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Thread: Foz issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimario View Post
    Is there a list of forbidden words that you can't post? I am trying to post in the Star Wars spoiler thread but keep getting

    I was able to make a post in the thread complaining about the issue but the post I want to make appears to break the foz.
    Just had the same issue in the SW thread

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    it's not something the admins do or have done to the forum or your account

    you seem to be able to resolve it by clearing your cookies or logging in on another computer

    easiest way is to log out of your account, open a new incognito/private mode/porn browsing window and log in from there - after one or two posts you should be able to log back in normally and the problem should be sorted

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    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    Getting this a lot.

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