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Sorry it's taken so long, everyone.

1) Shane Update Shane update covered nothing more than is currently known on the Ownership. This happened before all of the blow up around Conroy, etc. There was discussion about Jersey designs for next year give it's our 20th season in the A-League. We didn't see anything but the feedback was avoid Red/Blue stripes. We shared the original away strip and original ACL designs as one's that were well-regarded.

Shane also spoke to the racial abuse one of our women players received down in Melbourne City from an attendee at the match. This was the catalyst for the statement we issued (website) and why the women have been taking the knee before matches.

Also the club are trying to engage one of the Fan Group Facebook pages about a recent post they made.

2) Member's Round Good discussion about what went well and where to improve next year. The member event at the stadium was good. Suggested getting more players there because attendees feedback was they felt they didn't get time with them because they were talking to other fans

3)500th Men's Game sought ideas about the upcoming 500th Men's A-League match (v Nix at home) after the recent experience of the Women's 200th. Budget is quite limited as you can imagine

4) Member pack inclusions club will be surveying the online store approach, among other things, at the end of the season. I'd appreciate input on what people think would be a good inclusion for member-personalised gear they can buy.

5)24/25 Membership Thinking around the timelines for renewals were discussed. Nothing on prices or anything like that. Not much discussion around this

There was some fan feedback the club had received. That was reviewed but nothing of note.

Next meeting will discuss the tenures of the group. We've had 4 meetings and the tenure for the group is 1 to 2 years. We are coming up to 12 months.

Thanks for the update, mate..