Squadron Statement: Time For Change

It has become evident that active support numbers and involvement have been diminishing over the past few months. Some of this is in no small part due to the performances of the team, but we have also been reading a large amount of feedback online as to other reasons people are avoiding the active area.

We moved to Bay 60 as part of a regeneration of active support, there was a number of reasons for this which you can read here but the main reason was the Western Stand was where the majority of supporters now sit. However after being located in Bay 60 since Jan 2014, it is clear that Bay 60 hasn’t reinvigorated active support as we hoped it would.

We are therefore announcing a trial for the final four home games of the season for the active area to be located on the Southern Hill in the seating in Bay 42. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Active support is traditionally located behind the goals
  • All supporters who are interested in joining the active support will be able to utilise a GA ticket or any membership
  • As the Southern Hill isnt a sanctioned active support area, we wont be allowed to have any flags, drums, megaphones or tifo during the trial.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for those who state they dont like the European/South American style of support (drums & a capo) to attend and trial a different style of support to see if it works

We originally stated when we announced the Bay 60 relocation that our long term aim was to eventually end up on the Southern Hill anyway. However low turnouts and involvement have meant that active support could eventually cease at Hunter Stadium, which we couldn’t allow to happen. Some decisions had to be made to change things to reconnect with general supporters who might want to give active support a go.

So, we are inviting all interested parties who want to be involved in active support or who have previously been involved in active support but no longer attend to come along to bay 42 on the Hill to have a go at active support in a new area and trial a new direction. Plenty of people are happy to offer suggestions and ideas on what should happen with active support, NOW is the time to come forth and make it happen.

We are also stating our intention to hold an open active support forum for any interested parties to attend during the 2016 A-League Finals Series to discuss the future of active support for the Newcastle Jets. This will ensure the off season is spent constructively working towards common goals for active support in season 12 and the future. We will confirm details for the forum in due course.

on behalf of the Committee of The Squadron FSC, Inc

4 thoughts on “Squadron Statement: Time For Change”

  1. Behind the goals is absolutely where you should be. Makes it hard though when poor old Newcastle, after all these years, still has to make do with a third rate sporting facility and even worse events management. Good luck to you anyway. May the tifo be with you.

  2. No flags? F off. Talk to the club! Rules protect logic not the other way round. They’ll be fine with the move.

  3. Great idea. Shame you can’t have the usual noise makers, but I think it will work if it’s organised properly. That’s is where the squadron should be….absolutely.

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