Squadron Statement: Bring back the Golden Years

“Football would be without enjoyment if you removed the possibility of doing something about it”

While we don’t demand fans follow our lead it has been decided by The Squadron FSC that we make a demonstration to show our displeasure at the current running of our club the Newcastle United Jets.

We believe the ideal way without removing our support for the eleven players on the field is that we begin to wear our former colours, gold, on game day. This can be from an old Jersey to a gold t-shirt.
This movement is not confined to the active bays but the whole stadium.

Gold was the colour we wore when we had a club to be proud of and where some of the city’s finest soccer memories have come from.

From our first a-league game in August 05, our grand final win in 2008 and our games in Asia. The memories in gold are endless.

This is not a protest against the colours of the club, more a disapproval at how our club is being run and what it stands for today.

We support the club in victory and defeat but we do not support the way the club is being run at the moment.

We don’t demand ownership changes but we need to see that current management has a real and successful plan for club revival, that the club is being held accountable and providing the best product for all loyal fans throughout the Hunter who back the club.

We as Newcastle United Jets fans are the most loyal fans in the league and deserve so much better.

Wear Gold and


2 thoughts on “Squadron Statement: Bring back the Golden Years”

  1. will never miss a game but won’t be backing this campaign. The gold jerseys are a blip in our history, an idea concocted by a previous dictatorial club benefactor to differentiate the club as it was from what it had been. If anything the colours should be green, brown and white but red and blue is fine in the opinion of whoever I have heard from. For crying out loud we have bigger bloody issues than missing our old gold Jerseys. Seriously how old are you lot!

    1. If you read the statement properly, the campaign is NOT trying to get the Jets colours changed. Wearing the Gold is a simple and effective way for disgruntled supporters to visually display their dissatisfaction with the current administration without resorting to boycotting games.
      We need everyone to still continue to attend games and give their support to the eleven players on the pitch, but at the same time supporters who have stuck with this club from crisis to crisis need to be able to show the current regime that they are not happy with the state of affairs with the club we live so much.

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