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Squadron Launch Email & Boycott Campaign

We are now officially launching the email and boycott campaign we recently proposed, and its an initiative that we hope the football fraternity can join with us and get behind. The reasons behind the campaign are listed here  https://www.newcastlefootball.net/home/2015/11/squadron-statement-time-to-hit-them-where-it-hurts/

We ask that you go to this website http://nmfb01.azurewebsites.net/ to fill in a form with your name and email address. This site will automatically email the Daily Telegraph calling for them to sack Rebecca Wilson and issue an apology, email 2GB to call for them to force Alan Jones to issue an on-air retraction and apology, and email 2GB sponsors to either pull their funding or lobby 2GB to force Jones to issue an on-air retraction. Simply select the entities you wish to email, read through the statement and hit send. Its that easy.

Any show or media outlet that hosts Rebecca Wilson and her toxic views also needs to be emailed separately to immediately drop her as a resource. Currently the two other media outlets we know of who have used Rebecca Wilson recently are:
SEN Radio Melbourne – enquiries@sen.com.au
Sky News (Sports Night program) –
Feel free to contact these email addresses to inform them of the current situation regarding Rebecca Wilson and that you will be boycotting them until she is dropped from their business.

We call on ALL A-League clubs to immediately blacklist News Limited publications and websites (Except FoxSports), end any advertising or sponsorship arrangements and refuse to deal with them until such times as they remove Rebecca Wilson from their employ and approach future articles regarding football in a fair, balanced and researched manner.

We also call for a total boycott of News Limited publications from football supporters. Dont buy their papers and dont click their links online. If we can cost them enough advertising money through decreased circulation and website clicks, they will have to change their ways to try to win the customers back they have lost.

Hopefully, with enough people sending these emails and boycotting their businesses, we will be able to force some real change and the Daily Telegraph, 2GB, Rebecca Wilson, Alan Jones and 2GB will remember next time to provide some balance in their reporting on football matters.

We will continue working with other supporters groups to directly lobby the FFA to come out immediately (and in future) to defend football supporters in response to anti-football media articles, for the treatment and engagement of all football supporters to improve and for the FFA to begin meeting with supporters clubs representatives to co-operatively rework the banning system to ensure procedural fairness and transparency.

We would ask that you share this article to as many football media personalities, actual journalists without anti-football agendas and your fellow football supporters as possible to spread the word and get this movement off the ground.

They will Never Tear Us Apart

Squadron Novocastria

Squadron Statement: Bring back the Golden Years

“Football would be without enjoyment if you removed the possibility of doing something about it”

While we don’t demand fans follow our lead it has been decided by The Squadron FSC that we make a demonstration to show our displeasure at the current running of our club the Newcastle United Jets.

We believe the ideal way without removing our support for the eleven players on the field is that we begin to wear our former colours, gold, on game day. This can be from an old Jersey to a gold t-shirt.
This movement is not confined to the active bays but the whole stadium.

Gold was the colour we wore when we had a club to be proud of and where some of the city’s finest soccer memories have come from.

From our first a-league game in August 05, our grand final win in 2008 and our games in Asia. The memories in gold are endless.

This is not a protest against the colours of the club, more a disapproval at how our club is being run and what it stands for today.

We support the club in victory and defeat but we do not support the way the club is being run at the moment.

We don’t demand ownership changes but we need to see that current management has a real and successful plan for club revival, that the club is being held accountable and providing the best product for all loyal fans throughout the Hunter who back the club.

We as Newcastle United Jets fans are the most loyal fans in the league and deserve so much better.

Wear Gold and