2019 FFA Cup Round of 32 – The Jetstream’s Thoughts

Ahead of tomorrow night’s FFA Cup Round of 32 clash with the Victory, we asked some members of the Jetstream for their thoughts on how the Jets would fare in the match:

Q: What will be key for the Jets to get a win?

Producer Pete – Cohesion. New faces, some only just arriving, some only back from overseas trips, the team needs to click and click fast. Connections up front need to be sharp with opportunities not just made (as they often have been) but finished. The middle needs to keep their strong shape and complete passes. The back have to move as a unit and repel any advance.

Mitch – Finishing in the front third, this issue plagued us last season and early report suggest we’re not going great with it so far this year.

Matt – The back 4/5 haven’t played together for many games. Keep it tight and spring on the counter .

Andy – Dimi needs to recapture the form that got him into Socceroos.

Anthony – Simple. Finishing!

Q: What do the Jets need to do to keep the Victory out?

Producer Pete – Win the middle third. While our defenders / keeper need to come through and stop anything that gets to them. If our middle wins and shuts down opportunities, the keeper shouldn’t be bothered often.

Mitch – Structure in defence, which sounds difficult as we have only been slowly bringing NTS and Boogs back in so far. We may have a young and inexperienced together group of defenders.

Matt – win midfield is the key I see to success.

Andy – keep the game central. If victory get out wide I feel they have the quality to get crosses in or cut inside.

Anthony – Defend wide areas. No Antonis, Troisi, Honda has them a little light with creative options through the middle.

Q: Who will be the Jets key player in this match?

Producer Pete – Dimi. Stevie UG will be the workhorse he always is, but Dimi needs to step up and come back to form that had me calling him in the squad to Russia after 3 rounds in 2017/18. He comes back strong, with spark, solid completion of passes, and a return to form from dead ball plays, it will make for a great match.

Mitch – Steve Ugarković. We need him covering as many kms as possible. The football won’t be the prettiest due to it being early preseason, so we need to grind this result out and this is the guy to show us how.

Matt – Stevie UG as above mentioned – he needs his distribution to be spot on.

Andy – Dimi distribution will be key and link up play with whoever leads the attack.

Anthony – Our fullbacks, whoever Ernie picks. I’m confident we can create enough chances to bundle one in, but we need to focus on keeping them out.

Q: And finally, what’s your prediction for the match?

Producer Pete – 2019/20 is a return to underdog status. Victory won’t take this game as seriously as they should and step off the gas. Victory will go in at halftime 2-0 up, but Jets will win the day 2-4.

Mitch – MV 3-1 win. We haven’t beaten AL opposition in the FFA Cup before and I don’t think we’ll start now.

Matt – Victory 2-0.

Andy –Buck the trend. 2-1 victory to the jets!

Anthony – Reckon we’ll get em 2-1 and I’m hoping for some bonus football, so in extra time.

You can find all the stats ahead of the game at the following link: https://wp.me/paT4u-Qu

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