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The Jetstream Podcast Ep40 – Triffo would have missed it too


Furns (@newyboys) is joined by regular co-hosts Michael (@BodyNovo) and Heath (@parksey_10) to discuss all the action from an entertaining Jets draw with Brisbane. We go through the game stats before we discuss the player performances, coaching and tactics.
In off-field news we discuss the #NewyHelps charity campaign hitting its first milestone before jumping into the huge off field issue of the week with the protests against the Anti Football Mafia in Round 8 of the A-League and the boycotts that will take place during Round 9.
We go through the current injury list as we preview the game away to Sydney at Allianz Stadium this Friday before we giving our thoughts and tips on the other games in Rd 9.

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Squadron Statement: Boycott action for Friday vs Sydney FC

As many of you are aware, David Gallop came before the cameras yesterday to hopefully denounce the Anti Football Mafia and to provide a transparent and sustainable way forward for banning football fans with an appeals process available.

What he served up was the complete opposite which only fed the Anti Football Mafia and provided no clear process for the right of fans to appeal wrongful bans. Not only this, the burden of proof remains on the fans to prove their innocence while denying them access to the evidence that was used to ban them in the first place.

In light of all this, The Squadron FSC has decided to join our fellow active supporter groups in a united stance by boycotting the away bay on Friday night and pending future developments boycotting Bay 60 for home fixtures.

We are aware that many will not be able to travel due to the poor scheduling of this fixture but a stance needs to be made. For those who have already bought tickets and intend to travel, we implore that you support us and other supporter groups by not standing in the away bay (bay 3) at Allianz Stadium this Friday night.

Our support for our club and the boys on the field has not changed and we hope that they see the larger picture in this action.

For everything to return to “normal” we request the following:

  • A transparent and documented process for banning fans with defined standards of evidence
  • An appeals process that is fair and easily accessible for all banned fans
  • A commitment to transparent practices at all levels.
  • Minimum common sense to stand up against the lies and defamation that the Anti Football Mafia have thrown at us. Back your sport and don’t bow to their demands by giving them what they want.
  • And most importantly, the FFA must start treating its supporters as stakeholders and not customers.

Supporters are the FFA’s biggest asset and our treatment as second class citizens has been poor and united as one we (all supporters), will not accept it.

They will Never Tear Us Apart

GALLERY: The Coast will NEVER be better than Newcastle

The official website for the Coasties has posted a bunch of “hilarious” photos supposedly showing why “The Coast is better than Newcastle”. Seriously.

Ok then, challenge accepted

Curran, Johnston, Baartz and Date

Curran, Johnston, Baartz and Date
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We have had heroes and history since 1977