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GALLERY: The Coast will NEVER be better than Newcastle

The official website for the Coasties has posted a bunch of “hilarious” photos supposedly showing why “The Coast is better than Newcastle”. Seriously.

Ok then, challenge accepted

Curran, Johnston, Baartz and Date

Curran, Johnston, Baartz and Date
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We have had heroes and history since 1977

BLOG: Time to change the trend

Come this Saturday it is going to be 1,121 days since we last beat the mariners. I don’t know about you, but this makes me sick to the stomach. Players, Coaches and Staff come and go but we as fans have had to endure the pain of being beaten by them for the past 3 seasons.

Continually, home and away, we have out sung them, had better Tifo then them, and our loyalty is unquestioned when compared to them.

This season (while last weekend was disappointing) is different, we have a Team and a Coaching Staff who have proved that they aren’t going to die wondering and we as fans need to get behind them for the biggest home game of the year.

For the first time in 4 seasons, the squad will be wearing the colors we wore when we were most successful – GOLD. Regardless of the kit debate, Gold will always be close to our hearts.

Our unwavering support needs to continue and on the weekend we set ourselves a standard against the wanderers. We need to not only match that standard, but surpass it. The mariners fans have proven over the last few seasons that they refuse to travel in big numbers unlike when we take over Gosford, so we need to raise the bar again for ourselves and not rely on them to spark us.

Bay 60 is not confined to the middle section, it is the 3 sections wide and we want to fill it. We have only 1 game at home to the Mariners this season and we don’t want to lose it, so for 90 minutes it is going to be our job to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Our Tifo display for the game is only going to look better with more people in the bay, so get into bay 60 early (20 minutes prior would be awesome) and listen to the instructions.

If you haven’t got a ticket into bay 60 I implore you get one. If you only have 1 game in active support all season at home make it this one. Members can swap be issued a gameday bay 60 ticket for free at the Members Services window to the left of the Western Stand entry gates. Those who arent members can prepurchase their tickets via the Ticketmaster website or on gameday via the Bay 60 ticket window to the right of the Western Stand entry gates.

See you Saturday

Never Tear Us Apart

Michael Body

Squadron Vice – President


P.S. The Squadron FSC will be selling raffle tickets an hour before kickoff for #NewyHelps campaign. Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25.

If you need more information please head over to www.newcastlefootball.net/newyhelps

The Jetstream Podcast Ep24 – No Money Mo Problems


David (@Jeterpool) and Mitch (@jerkpv4) join furns (@newyboys) for another episode of The Jetstream Podcast.
As usual, we talk Jets on the field against Wellington Phoenix with reviews of players and tactics, off the field with the continuing ownership news and player movements.
Mitch provides an update on former Jets and goes through results in the FFA Cup for NNSWFF teams, and then provides his Best Jets XI from the first 10 years of the A-League.
Then we preview the F3Derby against the Coast, and reveal our tips for all this weekends games.
Mitch also attempts to chat to Michael – who supports the Mariners.
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